Lower Your Insurance Cost

Source: Inside & Out Property Inspectors INC.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection checks your homes wind resistant features. The inspector will be checking how your roof is sealed from water, how strong the structure is, and the door or window casings. Having this inspection done can help save a substantial amount on your Florida homeowners insurance.

This inspection helps insurance companies tell if you’re roof is capable of handing hurricanes, or strong winds. The stronger and safer your roof is, the lower risk you are to the insurance company which may lower your premiums.

The inspection can only lower your premiums, even if the inspection gets a low rating your homeowner’s insurance can’t go up. Depending on where you live, and the size of your home depends on how much you’re capable of saving. While the cost of the inspection is around $100 the savings on your homeowner’s insurance can be a few hundred up to a few thousand.

There are key features the inspector will look for; these seven indicators will tell if your home is capable of withstanding strong winds and water:

  • Building code
  • Roof covering
  • Roof-deck attachment
  • Roof-to-wall attachment
  • Roof geometry
  • Secondary water resistance
  • Opening protection

Some of those key features can’t be added easily or are harder to change, here’s a list of the main features Florida homeowner’s insurance companies look for to save the most:

  • Roofing material that meets Florida building codes
  • Secondary water resistance under the roof sheathing
  • Impact- resistant coverings verified for cyclic pressure and large missiles over all glass openings
  • Roof-deck attachment with plywood
  • Roof-to-wall attachment that uses double wraps
  • A hip roof

Wind mitigation inspections are good for five years in Florida. You pay for the inspection once and save on your homeowners insurance premium for the next five years.



Source: Redfin

In July 2021, Gainesville home prices were up 12.2% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $315K. On average, homes in Gainesville sell after 12 days on the market compared to 62 days last year. There were 156 homes sold in July this year, down from 232 last year.

Gainesville Housing Market Trends


How Hot is the Gainesville Housing Market?

Single-Family Rentals: A Good Deal for Investors

Investing in Single-Family Rental Homes
Source: National Association of Realtors® (NAR)

When real estate professionals think about a rental property, they often picture multi-unit apartment buildings – but they should envision single-family homes. Single-family rentals have increased by 31% in the past 10 years and make up 42% of the housing stock.

When investors buy a house to flip, they have the cost of buying, repairing and selling. When they buy a single-family rental, they only have acquisition costs.
Single-family rentals are a good way for entry-level investors. They’re generally less expensive and families that rent them typically stay longer, reducing turnover costs – and investors usually don’t have to do as much renovation to make a rental attractive.

Additionally, rentals offer three financial benefits: income, equity, and appreciation. You look for the ROI (return on investment).
A simple rule – whether you’re selling or buying – is the 1% rule. If the rent is 1% of the sale price, it’s a good return and a good investment.

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UF welcomes students for Fall

-Cynthia Roldán Hernández

The University of Florida campus is bustling once again, after more than a year since the pandemic forced the institution to switch to online learning and later a hybrid version of limited in-person courses and online.

Students are attending 4,678 unique courses on campus this Fall. On Tuesday, students began moving into UF’s residence halls, which are full this semester with 7,804 Gators.

Throughout the week leading up to the first day of classes, students explored the campus and walked to and from area stores with gear for their dorm rooms.

“I’m excited for in-person classes,” Bergman said. “It’s really nice. I hope it stays that way.”

To celebrate the first in-person semester since Spring 2020, the university’s Student Government has organized a free kickoff concert for students featuring Brockhampton and Deb Never. The concert will be held at the Stephen C. O’ Connell Center at 7 p.m.

Additionally, for students who want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Student Life will host pop-up vaccination sites throughout campus at different locations, including the Reitz Union and Plaza of the Americas. For a complete list of vaccination sites and schedules, visit UF Health.

If you are a student looking for off-campus housing, we still have rooms available for rent. Search under available rentals to see pictures, get additional information and schedule a showing.


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