A/C Maintenance Can Save You Money

Sources: Canady’s/ Reality Times/ Atlantic Refrigeration

It’s easy to assume your HVAC system is in good condition until, until your unit unexpectedly breaks down. By performing seasonal services to your HVAC system not only will that increase the efficiently, but also saves you money on utility bills. From having seasonal maintenance done you can reduce the number of repairs, reduced energy & utility bills, an increased lifespan of the unit, and lowers the chances of a future breakdown.

While it’s best to have maintenance done twice a year in Spring and Fall or every six months. If you can only afford to have it done once a year, or decide one is enough, Spring is the best time. You can expect the professional to start at reviewing the thermostat and ensuring its good, then move to the air conditioner system itself. They will clean all parts needed and check refrigerant and coolant levels. They will also check all areas to ensure no buildup or problems that may hinder performance.

By performing seasonal maintenance on you’re A/C system you’ll be able to detect small problems before they’re a real issue. While most companies charge $75-100 for a check up on your unit having to hire someone to come out when there’s an immediate issue could be upwards of $140-250 an hour. An emergency call could cost the same as a two-time seasonal maintenance.

Having the proper maintenance done before Spring and Winter to your HVAC system can decrease your utility bills. Over time your system accumulates dirt and dust, which can negatively affect its efficiency. With excess build up of dirt and dust your unit may under perform, but with seasonal maintenance this can be avoided and increase the air quality within the home.

In the long run regular maintenance has been proven to extend the life of your unit up to five years longer. Having a broken system will not only malfunction or not be efficient but will cause unplanned costs and services.

Every homeowner hopes for their system to work for around 10 years or more. A neglected system will be less effective and more likely to malfunction sooner. By keeping your system maintained you can have peace of mind knowing it’ll be running efficiently.


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